Caboodles Launches New ‘In My Case’ Product
Inspires Individuality & Personality

Chicago, IL 2009 - For those looking to primp, personalize and organize, the beloved Caboodles® brand has created a new product to add to their fun, fashionable and functional line of organizers, aptly named In My Case™. Inspired by the Classic Caboodle®, the new case was designed to highlight the independent spirit where individuals are free to make a statement—and not take themselves too seriously. In My Case, the first custom molded design released in over ten years, launched at Ulta in September 2009, Target in October 2009, and will premier at Walmart in early 2010.

The In My Case Caboodle is the perfect organizer for any personal treasures and is equipped with a mounted mirror, removable side storage panels, two trays, two dividers and enough nostalgia to give Pop Rocks and Debbie Gibson a run for their money! The company also added some subtle surprises to the product that only a Caboodles customer can truly appreciate.

According to VP of Marketing, Jesse Simpkins, “The In My Case Caboodle was inspired by the limitless ways that Caboodles customers use their cases.”  To promote the launch of In My Case, the company created “Caboodle-isms” - statements that were designed to promote the importance of individuality. “Branded phrases like: In My Case…I'm open to possibilities’ or ‘In My Case…beauty is on the inside’ or ‘In My Case my looks are never overlooked’ can be practical or emotional or in the best case, both. It’s a way for us to illustrate the uniqueness of the product and our customers on a more personal level.”

Caboodles will be rolling out a social media campaign surrounding the new In My Case product and has secured partnerships with two teen-focused organizations – the Step Up Women’s Network “Spoken Word” program in Chicago and the Young Tykeoons program at James Jordan Boys & Girls Club and Family Life Center.  “Since 1987 Caboodles has been inspiring young women to be proud of who they are,” says Kathy Hurt, Director of Marketing and Product Development. “We like to think of ourselves as their fun, quirky friend that’s been with them from their first lip gloss to their first college application.”

With a suggested retail price raging from $19.99 to $26.99, the In My Case Caboodle is a cost effective and fashionable way for women everywhere to stay organized during their busy lives. In My Case and all other Caboodles products will offer a personalized nameplate and Caboodles product registration.

About Caboodles:
Since 1987 the Caboodles company has been welcoming females of all ages into the Caboodles world, filled with neat freaks, make-up mavens, treasure collectors, dream catchers and everything in between. Throughout generations girls all over the world have been creating unbreakable bonds with their Caboodles. Today, the brand still emulates function, fashion, quality and affordability. In addition to the In My Case Caboodle, they have a unique line of products to suit a variety of personalities ranging from athletes to artists. Caboodles can be found at: Target, Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, Ulta, Fred Meyer, Harmon, Meijer, Bed, Bath & Beyond. For more information visit